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Above the Clouds

Networked communication, social trust, and activism

Select publications and manuscripts in progress

Suk, J., Lukito, J., Su, M., Kim, S. J., Tong, C., Sun, Z., & Sarma, P. Do I sound American? (2022). How Message Attributes of IRA Disinformation Relate to Twitter Engagement. Computational Communication Research. [Preprint] [Codes]

Suk, J., Shah, D. V., & McLeod, D. M. (2022). Breaking the “Virtuous Circle”: How Partisan Communication Flows Can Erode Social Trust but Drive Participation. Human Communication Research, 48(1), 88-115. [Link]

Suk, J., Abhishek, A., Zhang, Y., Ahn, S. Y., Correa, T., Garlough, C., & Shah, D. V. (2019). #MeToo, Networked Acknowledgment, and Connective Action: How "Empowerment Through Empathy" Launched a Social Movement. Social Science Computer Review. [Link]


Ghosh, S., Su, M., Aman, A., Suk, J., Tong, C., Hills, O., Correa, T., Garlough, C., Borah, P., & Shah, D. (2020). Covering #MeToo Across the News Spectrum: Political Accusation and Public Events as Drivers of Press Attention. International Journal of Press/Politics. [Link]

Lukito, J., Suk, J., Zhang, Y., Doroshenko, L., Su, M., Kim, S. J., Xia, Y., Freelon, D., & Wells, C. (2019) The Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: How Russia's Internet Research Agency Tweets Appeared in U.S. News as Vox Populi. International Journal of Press/Politics. [Link]


Zhang, Y., Lukito, J., Su, M. H., Suk, J., Xia, Y., Kim, S. J., Doroshenko, L. & Wells, C. (2021). Assembling the networks and audiences of disinformation: How successful Russian IRA Twitter accounts built their followings, 2015–2017. Journal of Communication, 71(2), 305-331. [Link]

Zhang, Y., Shah, D., Foley, J., Abhishek, A., Lukito, J., Suk, J., Kim, S., Sun, Z., Pevehouse, J. & Garlough, C. (2019). Whose Lives Matter? Mass Shootings and Social Media Discourses of Sympathy and Policy, 2012-2014. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 24(4), 182-202. [Link]

Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., Foley, J., Suk, J., & Conathan, D. (2017, July). Tweeting mass shootings: the dynamics of issue attention on social media. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society (pp. 1-5).

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