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White Structure

Context, Community, and Polarization

Select publications

Suk, J., McLeod, D., & Shah, D. (2022). Spatial Polarization, Partisan Climate, and Participatory Actions: Do Congenial Contexts Lead to Mobilization, Resignation, Activation, or Complacency?. Political Behavior. [Link]

Suk, J., Shah, D., Bode, L., Edgerly, S., Thorson, K., Vraga, E., Wells, C., & Pevehouse, J. (2022). Political Events in a Partisan Media Ecology: Asymmetric Influence on Candidate Appraisals. Mass Communication and Society. [Link]

Su, M., Suk, J., & Rojas, H. (2022). Social Media News Sharing, Political Extremity and Reduced Network Interaction in China, Japan, South Korea, and the US: An Imagined Audience Approach. Social Media + Society. [Link]

Suk, J, Coppini, D., Muiz, C., & Rojas, H. (2021). "The More You Know, the Less You Like": How News and Political Talk Shape Political Knowledge and Affective Polarization in Mexico and the United States. Communication and the Public. [Link]

Wells, C., Friedland, L. A., Hughes, C., Shah, D. V., Suk, J., & Wagner, M. W. (2021). News Media Use, Talk Networks, and Anti-Elitism across Geographic Location: Evidence from Wisconsin. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 26(2), 438-463. [Link]

Foley, J., Hughes, C., Suk, J., Cramer, K., Friedland, L., Shah, D., & Wagner. M. (2021). Free and Fair? The Differential Experiences of Voting Barriers and Voting Policies in American Midterm Elections. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. [Link]

Suk, J., Shah, D., Wells, C, Wagner, M., Friedland, L., Cramer, K., Hughes, C., & Franklin, C. (2020). Do Improving Conditions Harden Partisan Preferences? Communication, Context, and Political Evaluations During Periods of Contention. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 32(4), 750-768. [Link]

Dempsey, S., Suk, J., Cramer, K., Friedland, L., Wagner, M., & Shah, D. (2020). Understanding Trump Supporters' News Use: Beyond the Fox News Bubble. The Forum. 18(3). 319-346. [Link]

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